Top 10 Baking Treats for This Easter

March 15, 2016

Spring is just around the corner — and with it comes; easter, bunnies and lots of yummy chocolate treats in which you've realised those New Years resolution diets just aren't worth it. Arguably, life is for living and not depriving yourself of your favourite foods - besides everything is healthy for you in moderation.


As a child my easter was filled with chocolate eggs and rice crispy nests topped with a few mini eggs. Me & my sister used to see who could eat the most eggs before one of us got sick. As the chocolate queen of our family...I always won! I swear I could still divulge two whole easter eggs and not feel sick. 


Whilst these traditional easter treats are still a favourite...nowadays, thanks to the likes of Pinterest and other social media sites, we are presented with so much more creative yummy bakes that we never would have thought of! For example creme egg brownies? What awesome person created such a thing?


So we have been searching high on low on the internet and have found the top 10 Baking treats for this easter which will wow your family and friends and put you in line to enter the next British bake off! 




1. Creme Egg Brownies


Ok, so I don't think any of you could look at these with out licking your lips or thinking how yum they look. Creme egg brownies are a massive hit at the minute as they have all that chocolatey goodness with extra chocolate yumminess and our favourite creme egg icing. 


Trust me they taste as good as they look. The perfect recipe for these is on the BBC good food website. Follow either of these links to make these delicious treats:

Cook Bake Eat :





2. Creme Egg Rocky Road


Whilst rocky road is one of my favourite cake treats, when I came across this Creme egg rocky road, I literally went to heaven. The creme egg rocky road is another chocolate sensation that some amazing person came up with. It's so easy, and looks fantastic, plus it is a great one to make with your kids, as you just need to mix the ingredients together and keep in the fridge to chill!


After trying a couple of the recipes we found online: the best by far was by the Tamin Twins -  check out their recipe: