How To Survive Christmas With Your Family

Once more, Christmas has arrived on our doorstep and shortly following behind are those manic Christmas markets and ridiculous amount of food. It is a time when families come together and we are once again made to go through those awkward encounters and dreaded conversations. Don’t get me wrong, we love our family, of course we do, they are our nearest and dearest. But when you have to spend the Whole of Christmas Day with your tackless uncle and deaf grandma, you can start to feel a bit irritated. Here are our top five tips on surviving Christmas with your family:

  1. Count to 10

Remaining in control of your emotions is key to surviving Christmas. Disagreeing with a family member can be difficult, especially when arguing about those very important issues like who should have won I’m a Celebrity? So before your about to defend why Scarlett Moffatt should have absolutely won, put on the breaks and count down slowly from 10.

2. Ask Questions

Avoid being asked those awkward questions around why your life is like a sad episode of Bridget Jones by asking other people about themselves first. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and it’s nice to hear what each other have been up to (You may even learn something!). So ask some questions and configure your facial expression to covey total attention - but make sure you do actually pay attention.

3. Food

Food plays a huge part at keeping the peace at Christmas and it is not a coincidence that it is at the heart of most social situations. Keeping your stomaches full, or maybe nibbling a little bit of food before you head out (unless your like my family who stuff you like a turkey so you are rolling out the house by the end of the day - of which you probably won’t want to snack before hand) will keep you from making those snappy comments we all make when our bellies rumble.

4. Alcohol

Where would food be without Alcohol? Alcohol is a great tranquilliser for any family event - in moderation. Having a pint of beer or glass of mulled wine will increase your dopamine levels and reduce blood pressure, making those small irritating comments that family members make, completely unimportant to you. However… Never ever ever get completely hammered! Although it may sound like a good idea, when you start throwing up your Christmas turkey or saying something widely inappropriate your hungover self might slap your forehead and vow never to leave your bed ever again.

5. Come Prepared

It is bound to happen, something is going wrong in your life and out of concern your family will bring it up. Your grandma may ask you what happened to that nice looking boyfriend who just dumped you? Or your parents are interviewing you on where your life is heading. It’s all done out of love, but sometimes we just don’t feel like talking about it. By preparing pre thought of vague answers - you will prevent your self being stuck in that horrible position where you end up blubbering over the Christmas turkey and drowning your sorrows with a few to many glasses of mulled wine.

Written with a lot of love for my weird and wonderful family x