Getting Ready for an Egg-cellent Easter 2016!

Falling on Sunday March 27th, Easter comes early this year and with only two weeks to go now is the time to get cracking if you want to make it egg-stra awsome! To help you plan an extra special Easter, we have put together a few ideas to bring the family together and to have a terrific day.

Get your family & friends together.

Whilst we love our families dearly, it is easy to spend less and less time together due to our busy schedules, so a yummy Easter Sunday lunch is the perfect opportunity to bring your family and friends together to have an egg-iciting, fun filled day! Besides...what is easter without being able to spend it with the people you love, as we all know that occasions are only as good as the company you keep. So don't leave it last minute, write the guest list & send out the invite to ensure that everyone who is anyone to you can come.


Food is often a big part of Easter celebrations, it's when the family all sit together at the table and tuck in to a amazing roast dinner. Preplanning the scrummy Sunday lunch is important, as all the prep will allow you to enjoy the day with everyone instead of slaving away in the kitchen all day. Whether it would be your tradtional Easter lamb dinner or a gorgeous beef joint, decide what meat you are wanting to cook and decide on all the egg-tra trimmings you are going to put with it - roast potatoes, parnsips and mash potatoe etc. - Oh and can't forget the vegtables. If your feeling very eastery, why not get a couple of table of decorations to add to the extravagance of the meal. Add some daffodils to your table, with some little baby chicks and little easter eggs.

Decide on a dessert

A gorgeous Easter roast dinner calls for a gorgeous Easter pudding, and of course it has to involve cake in some way. Whether it is some decorative cupcakes you've baked or a cake decorated with mini eggs (see our top 10 easter treats blog), both will have both the children and adults reaching for seconds. Alternatively, if you don't feel like your Mary Berry skills are quite up to scratch, you'll find delicious Easter cupcakes and other desserts in our Luke Evans Bakery riddings shop and other stores we stock - then all you need to do is take the cake out of the box and wallah!

Go Easter Egg shopping

Easter eggs are every kids favourite part of the day and secretly adults to, who doesn't love an excuse to eat chocolate all day? It's important you get the egg your loved ones really want by doing your shopping early and finding out there favourite chocolate. Tesco's are now selling any 3 for £10.00 or any 2 for £10.00 extra large easter eggs, or for the adults if you fancy something a bit sophisitcated and different why not get this Chokablok Banoffee Bonanza Egg! They are just WOW.

Plan some family-fun activities

It wouldn't be Easter without some fun easter acitivties, right? Whether it's indoor or outdoors, preplanning some easter activities can help keep the kids entertatined and parent happy! If the weather isn't great, why not do some indoor crafts? Buy some plain cupcakes from our shop and do a cupcake decoration competition with all the family - a fun and delicious activity. Alternatively, play some fun family games like 'Heads Up' which you can download the app to your phone. This fabulous game involves one person keeping the phone on the forhead with its screen facing everyone else, and words will come up on the screen in which everyone has to try and act out what it is so the person with the phone can guess - the funnest part about this game... It records everyone acting it out!

An Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts are a lovely way to celebrate Easter Sunday and great fun for children of all ages.

Little ones will be in their element running around with a basket to fill, but who says the adults can't join in to? Hide your choice of treats and send your guests off to seek out the scrummy treasure. Click here for the perfect Easter Egg hunt guide from Netmums.

Movie Time

After a fun filled day and some tired children and adults, having a preplanned Easter movie will keep everyone relaxed and happy. Some classic easter films like 'Rise of the Guardians' or some favourite disney films like 'Frozen' will help keep the kids entertained, giving the adults chance for a nice chat without any interuptions.


Whilst everyone will probably feeling pretty stuffed after a big roast dinner and scrummy Luke Evans cake or your own dessert, it is still nice to provide a few nibbles on the table for anyone who didn't quite fill up and is feeling peckish. Ham filled cobs, sausage rolls, traditional hot cross buns and our yummy cheese straws are perfect for leaving out and leaving anyone to help themselves!