This Christmas Get Him Something He Will Love!

Every year we struggle to buy the men in our lives the perfect Christmas present, which won't get left on a shelf and forgotten or thrown in the bin by the following Christmas. We constantly experience the "Oh you don't have to get me anything", "Something practical" or "Nothing at all, i have everything i need".

In summary, men are really hard to buy for and they don't even seem to know what they want.

So here are a few ideas that i've found my fiance rather liked and other ideas that men would actually love!

1. Personalised Cook Book - Men LOVE food & being cooked for, my mum always used to say it is the way to a man's heart. So why not create a book for your father or partners favourite family recipes that might not ever get written down? Fill it with pictures of people who matter most in his life along with amazing looking food! I chose to fill it with my partners favourite recipes particularly from his Grandma's and he loved it!

I used to create his recipe book, but there are plenty other websites which let you create a online book which you can then publish and be delieverd to your door!

2. Personalised Monopoloy Board - My partners favourite game is Monopoloy! So I thought why not create our own Monopoloy Board with our own locations on personal to us? It was very time consuming i'm not going to lie, but it was worth it in the end when I saw his reaction! You can either make your own like I did by creating the board game on Word and cutting and sticking or you can get something similar off amazon for only £10.00!

3. Alcohol Bouqet- For those of you who are on Pinterest, you have probably seen these pinning around! I think there fab, who says you can't buy your man a bouqet for Christmas? For an easy tutorial look at

4. Romantic Vouchers - It's easy to forget to show your partner a loving gesture when life gets in the way. But sometimes it's nice to make them breakfast in bed or bring them a cup of tea in the morning? These vouchers are a bit of a fun token which will remind your partners just how much you love them!

5. Creative Gift Card Idea - I've never been the biggest fan of giving a giftcard for Christmas for the fear of looking like you don't really know what to get them, plus it not looking particularly exciting! But I loved when i saw these displays of gift cards, as it makes it look more like a present, plus it is perfect if you really don't know what to get them or know your partner will prefer choosing his own presents.

6. Personalised Dictionary Apron - Perfect gift for any man in your life!

7. Outift in a Box - Whether it is a Primark Suit or a Ralph Lauren Suit, which ever fits your budget, the presentation can make all the difference. Sometimes men can really appreciate a new outift put together by there partners as it shows consideration for what they like and there style. So pick out a nice pair of brown shoes, a navy suit and a navy tie, put it with a white shirt and brown belt. Put it in a cardboard box (I used a shoebox) and there you have a perfect Christmas Present.

8. Ticket Experience - It seems simple, but booking tickets to see there favourite comedian o there favourite band, even if it isn't one you would enjoy, shows them you've put a lot of thought into there gift and your willing to put what you like aside for one day for them! There are so many different options you can choose from:

- Tickets to See Favourite Comedian

- Tickets to See Favourite Band

- Tickets to Sport Event

- Football Stadium Tour e.g

- Driving Experience e.g

For more ideas searh or even groupon for cheaper deals!

9. Sweet Tool Box - Men seem to love tool boxes, but like me, your partner probably already has one (if not then that would be the perfect christmas present). So why not instead of filling an organisation box with tools and screws, fill it with there favourite sweets?

10. Sweet Message Board