Mince Pie Recipe

Christmas is here, The Great British Bake Off has finished and our hands can finally stop twitching from longing to bake. It is the festive season where everyone has been pinning ideas to make those extravagant ginger bread houses, elegant Christmas cakes and deluxe chocolate logs. Whilst you may wish to impress your guests with an over the top Ginger bread house with little gingerbread men replicating each family member… sometimes it is the simple delicious treats which make the festive season sparkle. For many of us (particularly a big bearded man in a red and white suit), a mince pie is the perfect partner in crime to that delicious glass of mulled wine. They are easy to make and the perf

How To Survive Christmas With Your Family

Once more, Christmas has arrived on our doorstep and shortly following behind are those manic Christmas markets and ridiculous amount of food. It is a time when families come together and we are once again made to go through those awkward encounters and dreaded conversations. Don’t get me wrong, we love our family, of course we do, they are our nearest and dearest. But when you have to spend the Whole of Christmas Day with your tackless uncle and deaf grandma, you can start to feel a bit irritated. Here are our top five tips on surviving Christmas with your family: Count to 10 Remaining in control of your emotions is key to surviving Christmas. Disagreeing with a family member can be difficu