Who We Are

About Luke Evans Bakery

Luke Evans Bakery was founded in 1804 by Henry Evans who named it after his brother Luke. It has then been passed down seven generations and is still in the same family over 200 years later.


The bakery produces a wide range of quality bakery products, ever ensuring that we produce a product true to our standards and beliefs of good quality and delicious tasting. Whereever possible, we also try and make our products unique, to give our wholesale customers an edge over their competitors. We bake for 24 hours a day, producing all the scrumptious cakes and irresistable savouries during the day time, and our wide range of different loaves and bread rolls during the night shift. 

And don't forget our range of cake designs and beautiful wedding cakes all finished to your own personel design. Hand finished by our three highly skilled ladies, we offer an extensive range of bespoke cakes for all tastes and budgets and for all ages and strange hobbies, trust me, we get them all. 

Luke Evans Bakery operates a fleet of five delivery vehicles, fitted with temperature controlled departments to ensure all of your ordered products reaches you in the best possible condition. Our delivery area covers an ever changing map, as our products are becoming more widely known for their taste and variety. Currently our extensive delivery area includes most of Derbyshire and West Nottinghamshire and more recently East Staffordshire. 

Whilst primarily a wholsale bakery, we also have our very own retail shop attached to the front of the bakery, so you can always be sure of a traditional bakers shop, full of a wide range of freshly baked products. 

From Our Customers


Beth Dixon, Customer

"Brilliant fresh bread and cakes. Highly recommend,"


Annabelle Cassidy, Customer

"Delicious cream cakes and bakery goods, the bread always smells fresh out of the oven and tastes even better."

Small Heading


Sam Waterston, Customer

"The best baps in Derbyshire, the cakes are good too!"



Charlotte & Robert Wood, Customer

"Luke Evans turned our dream wedding cake in to reality, the detail was so beautiful, it tasted delicious and we couldn't recommend them enough"


Richard Dennis 

"Excellent bakers with good selection of breads and cakes. Nice staff"